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Communication Number
Dennis Douglas, Errol Gentles and Lorenzo Kerr
Alleged victim
Dennis Douglas, Errol Gentles and Lorenzo Kerr
State party
Date of submission
Decison on admissibility
Date of adoption of views
Represented by counsel
Type of decision
adoption of views
A rule 86- decision was taken on 27 March 1989. This decision is not reproduced in the document.
Annual report
A/49/40, Vol. II (1994), Annex IX, sect. G (pp. 42-49)
Selected decisions
Other sources
HRLJ 1994, pp. 23-26
Full text
CCPR-14-3-b / CCPR-14-3-d: right to adequate time and facilities for the preparation of his defence and to communicate with his counsel / right to defend himself in person or through legal assistance

CCPR-14-1: fair hearing

CCPR-OP-5-2-b: exhaustion of domestic remedies - available remedy / exhaustion of domestic remedies - unreasonable prolongation

CCPR-14-5: right to have his sentence and conviction reviewed by a higher tribunal / according to law

CCPR-OP-4-2: submission of explanations or statements clarifying the matter

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