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Bibliographic level:ms
Recording body:SIM
Catalogue signature: A-1000-FRO
Location UBU:UB Binnenstad: International Human Rights: IHR : B20-48
Title:From the margins of globalization : critical perspectives on human rights
Personal author: Gordon, Neve (ed.)
Corporate author:
Reference to generic unit:
Place of publication: LanhamPublisher:Lexington
Date of publication: 20040000
Pages:xiv, 312 p.
Reference to series:Global encounters: studies in comparative political theory
Document symbol:
Index:Human Rights / Globalisation / Development / Refugees / Statelessness / Trafficking / Health / Psychiatry
Local index:Human Rights / Globalisation / Religion / Culture / Universality / Development / Refugees / Statelessness / Trafficking / Health / Psychiatry
Geographical codes:7327 / 5000 / 5458 / 6000

Even though the war on terrorism and the discourse surrounding it were ostensibly unleashed to protect freedom and enhance democracy, they have actually empowered authoritarian elements of state power and relegated human rights to the margins of the political arena. This book contains work of leading intellectuals and rights activists from around the globe, in the fields of anthropology, philosophy, political science, political theory, economy and sociology . While highlighting the importance of human rights, each essay in this volume also encourages a critical perspective, stretching, as it were, the conception of human rights beyond its current borders.

Part 1. Cross-cultural dialogue and universalism
1. Islam, Iran, and the dialogue of civilizations, by M. Khatami
2. Racism, sexism, universalism(s), by E. Balibar

Part 2. Development and economic rights
3. Between despots and banks: a human rights response to Africa's debt crisis, by M.M. Munalula
4. Socioeconomic rights, radical democracy, and power: South Africa as a case study, by R. Greenstein

Part 3. Globalization and the rights of stateless people
5. New formulas, old sins: human rights abuses against migrant workers, asylum seekers, and refugees in the Americas, by A. Feldmann and H. Olea
6. At the border of rights: migration, sex work, and trafficking, by A. Macklin

Part 4. The body, the mind, and health rights
7. The right to madness: from the personal to the political - psychiatry and human rights, by R. Marton
8. Embodying shadows: tracing the contours of women's rights to health, by A. Yamin

Part. 5. Human rights and accountability
9. Human rights and sacred cows: framing violence, disappearing struggles, by V. Nesiah and A. Keenan

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